Air Titan to hit track at 6 a.m.

Despite a short window during which there was no rainfall today, NASCAR was never able to start the Duck Commander 500 and try to reach the halfway point to make the race official.

Jerry Kaproth, manager of track infrastructure for NASCAR Research and Development, was aboard one of the Air Titan units as officials tried to dry the track. He says the Air Titan and Air Titan 2 trucks were able to remove moisture from the surface of the track but environmental factors prevented the remaining moisture in the asphalt from evaporating.

The smaller Air Titan 2 made its debut last week at Martinsville, and there were five of those in Fort Worth. There were 11 of the original Air Titans. The trucks were on the track from about noon until a little after 6.

The dryers will be on the track at 6 a.m. Monday, with the race scheduled to start just after 11 a.m. A little sun or wind will go a long way toward helping the Air Titans, but as long as it doesn’t rain after 6 a.m. they should be able to get the track dry.

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