TMS president Gossage on Chase

Here’s what Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage had to say about today’s Chase changes, specifically the final-race scenario:

Q: With all four drivers heading into the Chase finale at Homestead even, do you believe it will help attract the casual fan even more without all the various clinch scenarios?

Gossage: “I think it is going to bring everyone to pay more attention to NASCAR. The casual fan, the more hardcore fan because this is it. This is the championship race. Four drivers going at it. Whoever finishes ahead of the other three is going to win the title. I can’t imagine not selling that race out. I can’t not imagine adding seats to Homestead for this thing. If that promoter can’t sell that race out and add seats to the place and still sellout 100,000, 150,000 seats something is wrong down there because that race is going to be breathtaking. It’s going to be exciting. You are going to see guys doing things that you wouldn’t typically see done. I know there are some complaints that some guy could have a great race at the end of the season and win the championship. Well a few years ago [in 2007], the New England Patriots went to the Super Bowl completely undefeated throughout the regular season and playoffs and they got to the Super Bowl and the New York Giants beat them. Nobody says the New York Giants didn’t win the championship because the Patriots had this great season. Well the same thing in NASCAR. You can have a great season, but you are going to have to come down to Homestead and you are going to have to perform better than those other three guys that are in the position to win the championship. You are going to have to do that to win. I think that is breathtakingly exciting. If they can’t sell it out and they don’t want it down there with that kind of excitement give it to us down here in Texas because we will sure do something with it.”

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