NASCAR goes for knockout

NASCAR announced today that it is changing to multiple-round knockout qualifying for Cup, Nationwide and truck races, except for the Daytona 500, the Sprint Unlimited and Sprint All-Star Race exhibitions, and the dirt race.

Here’s what Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage said about it:

“I think fans are going to love this because it basically means another race day to race weekend. Qualifying day is going to be a race in and of itself with speed, a lot of competition and a lot of strategy. You are going to have to worry not only about getting a perfect lap but that somebody else doesn’t come down and mess up your line a little bit. They may squeeze you down a little bit and you have got to get out of the gas a little earlier than you might otherwise. It’s completely different than qualifying before and the fans are going to be here on this case, Saturday, April 5, for qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. They are going to see some strange things for the first time ever in qualifying at Texas Motor Speedway. I think these fans are going to love it. This really almost has gotten 100 percent unanimous support from what I’ve seen so far.”