Hard crash on Lap 42

Conor Daly got loose coming out of Turn 4 and crashed into Josef Newgarden. Newgarden’s car went upside down upon impact with the outer wall, slid down the track helmet-first and eventually was driven back into the wall by Daly’s car just before the start/finish line.

Newgarden stepped from his car with help from the safety crew, then collapsed back to the ground after standing for a few moments. He was carried to an ambulance and gestured to the crowd.

Late night

They are definitely making progress, but the track isn’t ready yet. NASCAR’s Air Titan II system likely would have had this surface ready to race a lot quicker than the jet dryers we’re seeing tonight.

Air Titan uses a blade of air to squeegee the water off the track, and it’s proven to be pretty effective.

We’ll see where we stand after the dryers complete their current pass over the frontstretch.